Sweetwater Wetlands Access and Pathways

The Sweetwater Wetlands has more than 2.5 miles of pathways accessible to visitors. These pathways are generally flat and surfaced by either decomposed granite or ¾-inch gravel. The natural soil at the Wetlands is clay-rich which may become slick following a rainfall.

Gravel has been added in areas where stormwater collects to provide a more secure walking surface. Almost 1,000 feet of pathway is concrete surfaced and ADA-approved for wheelchair access. Concrete surfacing allows easy access from the parking area to the main ramada, where visitors can overlook areas of both deep, open water and shallow water with emergent (bulrush/cattail) vegetation.

No dogs may be within the Wetlands. Bicycles are not allowed on the pathways. Bike racks are provided at the entrances.

All pathways are intended to be accessible on foot although some visitors have complained about the ¾-inch gravel which is thick in some places.

An additional entrance is being constructed at the westernmost end of the Sweetwater Wetlands where birders can enter from the bicycle path along the east bank of the Santa Cruz River. This new entrance will be open during normal, daylight hours and allow birders with bicycles to secure bikes and enjoy the Wetlands on foot.

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