Tucson Water Standard Specifications

The Tucson Water Standard Specifications and Details Manual provides Utility Contractors construction and approved material information on the installation of potable and reclaimed water infrastructure that will become part of the Tucson Water public water delivery system. This document helps ensure that the installation of the new water infrastructure meets or exceeds all industry standards and provides for the public water system to maintain compliance with applicable water quality and delivery standards.

Construction shall conform to these standards and per the water plans approved by Tucson Water. If you have questions or require additional information on the Standard Specifications and Details Manual, contact the Tucson Water Construction Section at 520-791-2665.

Below are links to the various sections of the manual, last updated in November 2011, all of which are Adobe PDF pdf files.

Engineers and Contractors: Tucson Water performs regular updates to these specifications as outlined in the Engineering Directives and Policies.

Tucson Water Standard Specifications and Details Manual

Table of Contents

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