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Mosquitoes are becoming an increasing problem in the Tucson area. Increased development and increased water use are likely culprits. To prevent mosquitoes from being a problem, a few simple steps can be used to eliminate places where water can collect. Below are available issues of the Mosquito Connection Newsletter and other information that provide the latest news on mosquito surveillance in Tucson and around the state of Arizona. Additional information will be provided as available on the mosquito abatement program at the City of Tucson’s Sweetwater Wetlands project.

Through the EMPACT Water Info Now program, Tucson Water and Pima County Health Department are collaborating on providing important water-related information to the community. Pima County Health Department provides simple guidelines on how you can eliminate places where mosquitoes can breed to minimize mosquito borne illnesses such as encephalitis caused by West Nile virus.

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