Drought Preparedness and Response Plan, Annual Monitoring Report

In 2005, the Arizona Legislature passed a law (HB 2277pdf) that required all Arizona water providers to develop a drought preparedness and response plan. The Arizona Department of Water Resources published a guidance document outlining statutory requirements as well as guidelines for the plan.

Plans must include identification of drought response stages that will prepare providers for a reduction in water supply due to drought. Each plan must also include drought-related public notification and continuing education, development of emergency supplies, and specific water-supply or water-demand management measures for each drought response stage. The State requires plans be reviewed every five years. Tucson Water staff reviewed its original drought response plan in 2011.

Tucson Water's Drought Preparedness and Response Plan has been updated for 2012.Tucson Water developed a Drought Preparedness and Response Plan to fit the unique characteristics of our water supplies, infrastructure, and customer-use patterns. For example, Central Arizona Project (CAP) water supplies nearly all of Tucson Water's annual customer demand. Having two potable water supplies - CAP and local groundwater - adds considerable reliability and flexibility in preparing for drought impacts. However, because CAP water is imported more than 300 miles from the Colorado River, the Plan considers both drought conditions on the river as well as locally.

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