Current Clearwater Production

As we expand the water production at our Clearwater facilities, the proportion of water produced from the different wellfields supplying Tucson Water customers will change. In particular, production from the Central Wellfield is being replaced by our growing use of Clearwater supplies. This is allowing the aquifer levels beneath the city of Tucson (the Central Wellfield) to recover, and will stop the subsidence that occurred as we over-pumped the groundwater in this area.

The major water resources serving the city of Tucson include:

  • Central Wellfield – located throughout the central area of the city, the Central Wellfield consists of 152 wells that can produce 105 MGD.
  • Clearwater – a renewable water supply consisting of a blend of recharged Central Arizona Project (CAP) water and Avra Valley groundwater.  Since 2001, Clearwater production has increased from 11 million gallons per day (MGD) to an average 56 MGD. By 2012 we expect Clearwater to produce up to 90 MGD, and by 2015, 116 MGD is expected.
  • Santa Cruz (SC) Wellfield – located to the southeast of the city, 15 Santa Cruz wells can produce 10 MGD.
  • South Avra Valley (SAV) Wellfield – located to the southwest of the city, the South Avra Valley Wellfield can produce 32 MGD from 22 wells.
  • South Side (SS) Wellfield – located to the south of the TARP facility, the South Side Wellfield consists of 5 wells that can produce 3 MGD. 
  • Tucson Airport Remediation Project (TARP) – located in the south central area of the city, the TARP Wellfield consist of 9 wells that can produce 7 MGD, which is pumped to the TARP facility for treatment and delivery.