Central Avra Valley Storage and Recovery Project (CAVSARP) - Facilities


CAVSARP includes 11 basins, totaling 317 acres, with pipelines to transport Colorado River water from the CAP canal, by gravity, to the recharge basins. The project was built to allow up to 80,000 acre-feet (1 acre-foot = 325,851 gallons) of river water to be recharged and stored underground each year. Currently, over 70,000 acre-feet is being stored at CAVSARP annually.

The facility was purposefully built over capacity to allow for the possibility of larger CAP deliveries in the future. The CAVSARP project also includes 33 production wells and a reservoir/booster station that allows the City to recover the CAP/groundwater blend and deliver it to customers. Recovery is currently approaching 65,000 acre-feet per year.